When will a legally authorised referendum next take place on Scottish independence?

Not before 2025
Not before 2025

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This market will be settled at the start of voting on the day of the referendum. This market will be settled as “Not before 2025” at 00:00 on 1st January 2025 if no referendum takes place before this time. Betfair expressly reserves the right to suspend and/or void any and all bets on this market at any time in the event that Betfair is not satisfied (in its absolute discretion) with the certainty of the outcome. Subsequent events would not affect the settlement of this market. This market will not be actively managed. Customers are solely responsible for their positions at all times. Rule Update 07/07/2022 @ 16:05 For clarity, a “legally authorised referendum” shall mean a referendum on Scottish Independence authorised by the Scottish and UK Governments, or a referendum authorised by the UK Courts. The market will be settled on the date the referendum as set out in the rules takes place, or Jan 1st 2025 if one does not take place. Any legal appeals after the referendum date, or whether Scotland actually leaves the UK pursuant to the referendum, will have no bearing on the settlement The above clarification replaces the update dated 28/06/2022 which stated Only a referendum authorised by both the Scottish and UK governments will count for settlement purposes. Rule Update 14:55 (28/06/2022)




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